Picture of Logan with Principia Mathematica 1st ed.


My name is Logan. I work for a university library, where I build web infrastructure in pursuit of the Radical Pro-Literacy Agenda.

I spend most of my time improving content management and publishing tools so that site builders and content creators can build a better, more reliable web. I also get to consult on digital humanities projects, teach programming workshops, wrangle assorted infrastructure with our ops folks, and occasionally even build a web site.

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Email. Old school social. Twitter. I kinda miss the whale. Google Plus. The G is for ghost town. GitHub. Social coding. Goodreads. Social reading. Keybase. Too many secrets.


I do mostly Drupal stuff at work, but this site is Markdown files created with Emacs and magiced into a website by Jekyll. Yes, it's still Bootstrap 2. I'm busy. I use DreamHost for static hosting, and I'm generally a fan.